Director's Message

Is certification enough or will our children also require proper education? This is no doubt a significant question because we, as parents, make a considerable investment in the schooling of our children, in terms of money, time, efforts and emotion. The fruit of all these endeavors, therefore, should not merely be represented by a ticket to the university at the end of more than a dozen years of hard work, but by a complete empowerment of the child, and nothing less. Welcome S.D. Vidya Mandir Junior Wing! Our distinguished school profits from a committed staff, involved parents and about 3600 diversed and enthusiastic students. The rich academic programme, full of activities, challenges every student to set and reach the goal. S.D.V.M’s extensive extra co-curricular activities provide physical and social avenues to match the wide range of students’ interests. The staff and students of S.D.V.M. are looking forward to have rewarding wonderful school experience. S.D.V.M. offers countless opportunities to make your beginning school years the best they can be. i strongly recommend that you get involved in one or more of the activities S.D.V.M. offers like athletic, dances, drama, drill team, orchestra, special interest clubs, captainships and year book. Students' participation in these activities opens new doors and reveals incredible possibilities to grow and prosper. Talking about infrastructure and new technologies school has developed tremendously which will be clearly reflected in this prospectus. I pledge my whole hearted support towards goal accomplishment in partnership with parents and students. With their ideas and participation we can continue our tradition of producing lifelong learners rooted in value.