Principal's Message

Each day when I walk the School aisle and hear the chatter of eager minds, the exciting and joyous shouts from the victorious players and athletes, the thumping of feet on the sweet tunes and sound of melodious voices, my heart overflows with a feeling of joy and satisfication to think that at SDVM we value individualism and try to inculcate the spirit of creativity, innovation and confidence among our children. We believe that the pivotal role of education lies in shaping thr personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul who is not merely being equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but also helping him face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonizing way. Keeping this in mind, we enterprise to achieve academic excellence with a goodvalue system which is ingrained in the culture of the school. Having firm faith in our motto “COME TO LEARN AND GO TO SERVE” we prepare, eqip and encourage our children to participate fully in all spheres such as art, music, environment conservation and social activities and the list goes on and on. We teach our SDVIANS to take risks, to be self advocates and to create a lasting bonding with the staff and peers. We strive hard to provide them the best opportunities in order to bestow them with holistic development. Also, we are certain that with the help of better interaction between school and parents, the school will reach inaccessible heights in years to come. So we make the regular academics report of each child available to his parents through Curtina. At last I thank our parent fraternity for supporting the school in every respect. And I assure that our commitment to value education will always persist in all our endeavours.