Sports is a key for teaching students a range of skills and values that will stay with them throughout their lives. In keeping with the school’s mission of imparting holistic education, a well-defined PE and sports activity has been weaved into the curriculum. We at SD Vidya Mandir International School have devised unique and structured sports program that keeps students as well as teachers fit, healthy and active. Physical education instructors, using world class infrastructure, identify and nurture every child’s inherent sporting qualities. Following are the games we offer:

Students and sports is a dynamic combination. To enjoy the adrenaline rush of sports, various facilities exist for indoor and outdoor games, which keep the students active and in good spirits. Various games and activities like Volley-Ball, Cricket, Yoga, Badminton, Basketball, Karate, Kho-Kho, Athletics and Gymnastics occupy a significant place in the school curriculum. The thrill, the fun, the enthusiasm and the glory of being a sports person go a long way in making him confident and also develop in him a sense of team work and co-operation.
Mastering athletic skills through commitment and hard-work makes them grow into disciplined, responsible, active adults living up to the standards of the quote

"It is not whether you win or lose but how you play the game that counts."